Health Benefits of Helichrysum Essential Oil

If there is one essential oil that can be considered almost as indispensable, that would be Helichrysum essential oil. It’s medicinal and health benefits are undisputable. Originally a Mediterranean plant from South of France, specifically in the Corsican Island, Helichrysum Italicum, the best varieties of this plant can be found also in Spain and Italy. It is also called Immortelle (French for immortal), Italian Everlasting and St. John’s Herb (but not to be confused with St. John’s Wort, which is altogether another type of plant).

This wonderful earthy smelling yellowish plant can be found practically around the world. They thrive in sandy oil. But again the most expensive and the best variety of Helichrysum essential oil comes from southern France only.

The medicinal and health benefits of Helichrysum are simply innumerable. As one of the oldest and venerable of essential oil, it has been used extensively in old Europe for the healing of wounds, both physically and emotionally. As an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial, it is used to treat a number of skin problems and conditions like, from common ones like acne and allergies to actual wounds, dermatitis, burns, stretch marks, warts, and many others.

Often touted as miracle healer of skin diseases and other skin problems, helichrysum essential oil is used for skin healing and renewal, as well as skin tissue repair. Because of its antiseptic and cell regenerating properties, the oil has been used also by those who just had an operation. It is said that Helichrysum has great regenerative powers that it has become a top choice for healing scar tissues. For those who are beauty conscious, it can help in problem areas like wrinkles by fighting the ravages of the aging process.

Athletes and those who experience any form of body pains usually avail themselves of a massage with helichrysum as base oil. It’s analgesic and anti spasmodic properties help relieves the body from any type of pain, even rheumatism and other types of joint stiffness and pain.

One important health benefit from Helichrysum oil is its ability to help people with any form of addiction. Research has shown that it can help the body in its detoxification, whether from alcohol, nicotine and other drugs. With it’s almost honey tinged aroma, it helps release the body and the mind from almost any type of addiction.

The earthy and fruity aroma of Helichrysum essential oil is said to open the blood vessels, aid in regulating the proper circulation and thus lower cholesterol level and maintain a normal body pressure.


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